Heinänokantie 66
20860 Turku
+358 40 341 7790
The Heinänokka course and camp centre is open year round on the Erikvalla peninsula in Turku, which faces Airisto Bay.

One of the guest lodges and the dining hall are fully accessible for disabled guests.  Here, you can host events of every size and shape, from 10-15-person camp retreats to 100-person training courses. Heinänokka offers the necessary conference equipment and Wifi as well as extensive, wide-ranging grounds for all manner of outdoor activities.

A special feature at Heinänokka is its activity course, which offers 11 different activities, including crate climbing, a trapeze and suspension bridge. The purpose of the activity course is to develop teamwork, provide exercise and have fun in a group.

Heinänokka has two guest lodges: Eriksgården, which houses 36 guests and Mäntykallio, which has space to accommodate 70 guests.

For more information, visit the course and camp centre websites or contact them directly by phone!


  • Eriksgården, Meeting - capacity 30-50, Services: Accommodation, Sauna
  • Mäntykallio, Banquet, Meeting - capacity 51-100, Services: Accommodation, Sauna 
  • Heinänokka Dining Room, Banquet - capacity 51-100, Services: Accommodation, Sauna