Tuorlantie 1 E
21500 Kaarina
+358 50 303 9803
This hostel operates in the historical Tuorla manor area, in connection with the Tuorla agricultural college. The old farm steward’s house includes a restaurant and a charming small shop. The peaceful estate also includes the University of Turku Astronomy Department’s observatory and planetarium and excellent outdoor areas.

Tuorla Hostel offers affordable accommodation just 13 km on route from Turku centre to Helsinki.


  • Auditorium, Meeting - capacity max 100, Services: Accommodation        
  • Gym, Meeting - capacity max 300, Services: Accommodation        
  • Voutila / various meeting rooms - Meeting - capacity 6-40, Services: Accommodation        
  • Hostel Tuorla, Banquet - capacity 51-100, Services: Accommodation