Köydenpunojankatu 14
20100 Turku
+358 10 322 4990
The Logomo event centre, opened in 2011, is centrally located near the Turku Central Railway Station. The architecture is a combination of original, 19th century industrial milieu and modern loft style. The diverse and variable space comprises 24,000 square metres. The building hosts exhibition and event spaces, meeting rooms, an auditorium, cinema and the restaurant Logomo Kitchen. The whole Logomo is easily accessible, designed for a large capacity of moving equipment and devices.

The heart of the complex is the flexible Logomo Hall, which assumes whatever size or shape is suited for the event. With the auditorium operating on air cushion technology, system based on shipyard industry, the hall can be easily transformed into the size and purpose needed. The permanently installed Meyer Sound Constellation acoustic system with its 64 different presets instantly optimizes the room acoustics to suit the event at hand. Logomo’s own parking facilities are complemented by the P-Louhi parking structure. Transportation for events can be arranged, for instance, from the market square to Logomo.
Pedestrian bridge from the Turku Central Railway Station.

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