Sustainable Turku and Turku area

Turku is an ideal venue also for big meetings and events. Turku is Finland’s oldest city with approximately 2000 hotel rooms in the city centre. All hotels are situated in a walking distance from each other and from the Aurajoki river. The riverfront of Aurajoki is a beautiful and fascinating area, where you will find large banquet halls, restaurants, cafés, galleries, interior decor shops, museums and the nearly 800-year-old Turku castle. In Turku you can organize a meeting, congress, event or festival in accordance with the principles of sustainability, which is also a cost-effective way to go.

Carbon neutral Turku 2029

The city of Turku has ambitious climate goals. Turku is aiming at being carbon neutral by the year 2029. This objective is among the highest in the world.

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As a part of the public transport system, the bike-sharing system called Föli-fillarit provide a quick and easy way of getting around the city. The bikes are available all year round and in winter they are equipped with winter tires.

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Electric buses

Turku was the first Finnish city to use electric vehicles on an entire line of public transport in 2016. The electric buses will decrease traffic emissions, noise and operating costs. The first buses were introduced on line 1, running from the harbour to the airport. 

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Accessibility information Turku for All

Kynnys, also known as the Threshold Association, is an organization for disability access and human rights who maintain the Turku for All website, where you’ll find info on accessibility to public and private services in Turku. Kynnys surveys, verifies and maps out all the destinations. The surveys have been compiled according to specific criteria and the information gathered has been presented using recognizable text, images and symbols.

Different people can benefit from the accessibility information, from the elderly and those with disabilities to families with children. The website has been specially designed for tourists, with information about accommodation, restaurants and cultural attractions also listed.

All site information is available in Finnish, Swedish and in English.

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Valonia is the Service Centre for Sustainable Development and Energy of Southwest Finland. Valonia’s main goal is to promote sustainable development, to mitigate climate change and to raise environmental awareness. Valonia offers its sustainable development services to the public sector, for example to municipalities, but also to companies, organizations and associations. Residents and households can also participate in Valonias campaigns, events, courses and projects.

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Telaketju is a cooperation network that forwards textile recycling. The project includes developing the collection, sorting out and refining processes of end-of-life textiles. Moreover, it enables the development of business models related to discussed circular economy. In Telaketju, a national ecosystem of knowledge is being advanced, building a platform for the creation of new and strong industry with multidisciplinary collaboration.

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