Åbo Akademi University has been offered the rare opportunity to host a large-scale history congress. The ENIUGH 2021 congress will be organised in Turku in June 2021. The congress is expected to attract as many as 600 delegates.

Holger Weiss, Professor of General History at Åbo Akademi University, is very happy with the solution chosen by the European Network in Universal and Global History (ENIUGH):

'This congress is a great way to promote the study of global history and history studies at Åbo Akademi. Hosting a congress with such a great number of researchers and experts in the field is sure to increase our visibility.'

Academic content is a key factor

It is extremely rare for Åbo Akademi University to host a conference of this scale. The application process for the congress had to be started early, and work on the ENIUGH congress began 2.5 years before the actual congress's planned dates. According to Sari Ruusumo, Convention and Events Manager at City of Turku and Turku Convention Bureau, academic content is a key factor when Turku’s universities apply to host international congresses.

'Every time the universities in Turku apply for international congresses, the academic content is of prime quality and the themes and budgets have been carefully planned. Moreover, Finns have a good reputation in international organisations: no matter the field, Finns are known as competent, efficient and reliable,' Ruusumo explains.

The main theme of the ENIUGH 2021 congress is 'Minorities in Global history'.

'However, we will certainly hear numerous lectures with completely different themes at the congress,' Weiss notes.

'The plan is to host part of the congress at the Åbo Akademi premises, as we also want to show off our own university. Larger sessions will most likely be held at Logomo. The evening programme will take place on the steam boat S/S Ukkopekka in the archipelago.'

The ENIUGH was established in 2002 with the objective of increasing general knowledge of history re-search and education, especially in Europe. Over the years, the network has become an important plat-form for exchanging academic information in Europe while also offering global opportunities for collabora-tion among colleagues. Professor Weiss is a member of the ENIUGH steering group.

Support from the City of Turku Convention Bureau

The Convention Bureau of the City of Turku and Visit Turku aided Åbo Akademi University in the applica-tion process by, for example, helping with the selection and tendering process of convention services and events for the side programme. In addition, they offer a significant amount of marketing material, neces-sary for planning the congress and which will be distributed to delegates in advance. Turku Convention Bureau is working together with the event service company Aboa Kongressi ja tapahtumapalvelut Oy which is helping with the arrangements for the congress.

The ENIUGH congress will be organised in Turku on June 2020. The congress will be the seventh of its kind. The previous congress, held in Budapest in 2017, hosted 750 delegates.

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