The main purpose of an event venue is to create the best possible conditions and services for congresses, allowing the organisers and participants to focus on the essential: the content of the congress and meeting each other. Logomo’s services, the flexibility of the large halls and the spacious auxiliary facilities, as well as the first-class technology, acoustics and logistics, are what create a successful conference experience in the customers’ opinion.


  • Logomo is located roughly a kilometre from the centre of Turku, near the Turku Central Railway Station.
  • The building is an interesting combination of a 19th century industrial setting and modern loft style.
  • Logomo Hall can flexibly accommodate 150 to 3,500 people.
  • The Teatro, Move, Kino and Logi halls are suited for events with 30 to 450 people and as auxiliary spaces for congresses.
  • Versatile meeting and group work facilities for 2 to 400 people.
  • Roughly 1,500 m2 of lobby space and space for exhibitions and trade fairs.

Logomo is the most modern congress and event venue in Finland. Every year, Logomo hosts hundreds of meetings and congresses. For example, in 2017 Logomo hosted a total of almost 1,200 events of different types that were attended by roughly 350,000 people. Logomo was chosen as the best venue for large events in Finland in 2016 and 2018 (Evento Awards).

Even now, negotiations are underway for Logomo to host major conferences as far as five years ahead. The flexibility of the large halls and spacious other facilities are basic factors of a successful congress. The best possible congress experience is also contributed to by first-class technology, acoustics and logistics. Additionally, Logomo’s popular concept includes smooth service during breaks and delicious meals.

Congresses are often accompanied by a commercial or scientific exhibition, sometimes both. The largest exhibitions in the last few years were built in the congresses called ICSM 2014 and ECHE 2015.

Scientific conference full of information

The ICSM (International Conference on Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals) gathers experts in synthetic metals from around the world together for a scientific conference every two years. In 2014, the conference was organized in Turku and Logomo.
- Research in this field is strong in Finland and the Nordic countries. In Turku, research on conductive polymers is being conducted at both the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi by roughly fifty researchers,’ says Professor in experimental physics at Åbo Akademi Ronald Österbacka, who chaired the conference.

- As soon as the decision was made to host the ICSM 2014 in Turku, the Turku Convention Bureau reserved the entire Logomo for us. At the time, Logomo was still under construction, but we were convinced by the introduction we were given and also by Logomo’s location. It immediately felt like the best option,’ Österbacka says, describing the early days.

The conference was attended by roughly 700 people. According to Österbacka, Logomo’s premises were an excellent fit for the conference’s needs. Logomo Hall size can be adjusted according to the delegate numbers and there is plenty of floor space for a poster exhibition.
- A scientific conference is full of information, provided both in lectures and through poster presentations. Particularly in natural sciences and technology, most presentations are given as posters that present the key research results in brief. The participants tour the posters and discuss them in groups. This interaction is a very important part of a scientific conference, and there was plenty of space for a poster session in Logomo’s lobby areas. All in all, both the organisers and participants were satisfied.’

- Everything went fully according to plan, and the feedback was positive. The participants loved Logomo; we still hear people praise it at our meetings. The equipment worked perfectly in Logomo, the indoor air quality was always good and the lunch and coffee tables were always ready during breaks.’

Versatile and equal premises weighed in the decision

The European Congress for Hospital Engineering (ECHE) was held in Logomo in 2015.
- The congress is organized every other year by the International Federation of Hospital Engineering Europe (IFHE-EU), the executive committee of which I’ve been a member of for many years. I also chair the Association of Finnish Hospital Engineering, which was decided to be organized at the same time as the 2015 congress in Turku,’ says Technical Director of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland Juha Rantasalo, who chaired ECHE 2015.

An international congress for engineering requires versatile premises for presentations, other related events, networking and a large commercial exhibition. According to Rantasalo, these factors weighed a great deal when Logomo was chosen as the event venue. Suitable rooms were found for everything under the same roof.
- A very important part of our congress is the exhibition, which also enabled the financial success of the event. A large number of 102 exhibitors presented their products and services. The lobby was large, spacious and central enough so that there was no need to divide the stands into smaller rooms. The service during the breaks at the exhibition was a success,’ Rantasalo praises.
- In other destinations, exhibitions often have to be divided into separate rooms, which draws negative feedback. It is to Logomo’s advantage that everything fits into the same space, and the setting is reasonably roomy; a good spot was even found for the exhibition truck in the yard.’

The congress was attended by roughly 700 people, and the feedback was good in every respect.
‘In addition to the European congress, we simultaneously hosted the national Technology Days of the Association of Finnish Hospital Engineering. Logomo also hosted the Annual Congress and meeting of the executive committee of the IFHE world organisation.’

Important contribution by congress professionals

Both chairpersons thanked the Turku Convention Bureau of the City of Turku and Visit Turku, as well as the Congress Office (now Aboa Congress and Event Services) of the University of Turku, which went to great lengths to have the congresses be organized in Turku and to ensure the success of the arrangements.
- The Turku Convention Bureau was of valuable assistance to us in compiling the Bid Book, producing materials and reserving accommodation, gala dinner and meeting venues. Convention Manager Sari Ruusumo marketed our congress city in Atlanta, USA, in 2012. Additionally, the Congress Office of the University of Turku took care of the practical arrangements for our congress. This allowed us organisers to focus on the scientific content and programme,’ Professor Österbacka praises.

Director Rantasalo also emphasises the significance of professional help.
- The Turku Convention Bureau was of great assistance to us as a buffer in the application phase and by preparing visual materials suitable to us. I also have to admire the smooth way and international touch with which the university’s Congress Office took care of all the practical arrangements,’ he praises.

‘Winning a world congress is always fascinating’

- The application process and planning of an international congress is a demanding, long and even exciting project, says Convention Manager Sari Ruusumo of the City of Turku. ‘I will forever remember the moment when, in the middle of my holiday in July, I received a short text message from Professor Österbacka, who was in Kyoto: “Kongressen är vår, med vänlig hälsning Ronald.” (The congress is ours, best regards Ronald.) I screamed so loud that I scared the children!

It’s not every day that you win a world congress,’ Ruusumo laughs. ‘We can provide assistance with the logic, facts and visual appearance of the application as well as preliminary reservations, but it’s of course up to the researchers themselves to provide high-standard scientific arguments in their field and handle any lobbying to influence the decision-makers. Finns excel at this, and they are known as expert and reliable professionals in their own organisations, regardless of the industry.’

- Over the last decade, Turku has been one of the most popular congresses cities in Finland, and it has been a pleasure to assist leading professionals in various fields. Organisers should contact us as early as possible. Our service is free of charge and saves the working time of the congress hosts and even reduces financial risks. Being a leading specialist in one’s own field does not necessarily mean that one knows what major events are coming to Turku or how a quota of hundreds of hotel rooms can be reserved without risk. The organisers may also want to follow the values of sustainable development at the congress, but they need good suggestions on how to follow these ideas in practice.

The success of a congress is a multifaceted whole

Logomo’s Events & Venue Director Janne Auvinen has worked at Logomo from the start. He has participated in organizing successful congresses and other events with his solid professional skill and big heart. According to him, Logomo was designed from the start to provide a top-class setting in functionality and technology.
- A large congress hall must always be supported by several small rooms. But stylish premises alone are not enough, as speakers require high-quality and functional presentation technology. Well-designed lighting and acoustics are key factors in creating a successful experience. The logistics of moving people and goods must be smooth, safe and accessible. The requirements for sustainable development must also always be taken into account,’ Auvinen concludes.

Read the Logomo recipe for a successful congress experience by Janne Auvinen (pdf)

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