The University of Turku Department of General Practice is responsible for arranging the Nordic Congress of General Practice in Turku in 2024.

The Nordic Federation of General Practice will organise the 2024 NCGP congress in Turku. The congress is organised every two years, and the turn to arrange it rotates. Finland has the responsibility once every ten years. The congress is organised for the 23rd time, and for the first time in Turku.

A total of 1,000–1,500 general practitioners are expected, mainly from the Nordic countries, but also from the Baltic countries, Germany, and the Netherlands, for example. Based on the currently available information, the congress would be the largest in Turku in 2024, measured in the number of participants. The congress will be arranged on 11–14 June 2024 at Logomo.

The big picture is drawn

The Finnish Association for General Practice and the Hospital District of Southwest Finland will also participate closely in the arrangements. The City of Turku and Visit Turku’s Convention Bureau will also act as organisation partners.

‘The Convention Bureau has been a crucial partner, allowing us to make the most important reservations at this point, such as Logomo and hotel reservations,’ says Professor of General Practice Päivi Korhonen from the scientific committee of the congress.

‘Aiming for the event is now easier, as the big picture has already been drawn,’ adds Clinical Lecturer of General Practice Jaana Franck from the organisation committee of the congress.

Constant shortage of general practitioners

There is a constant shortage of general practitioners and health centre doctors in Finland, and the demand for new registrars is high. The situation varies in the other Nordic countries. Strengthening primary health care is one of the key projects of Finland’s current Government, and the results of the project are likely to be available for discussion at the 2024 congress.

The main theme of the congress is sustainable development, both structurally and in terms of general practice in itself.

‘We aim to emphasise the significance of the continuity of treatment at the congress. A permanence of the treatment relationship is always the objective, even with a shortage of doctors. This requires strong general practice,’ Korhonen notes.

‘Sustainable development is also considered in terms of nature. After all, the congress will be organised by the shore of the Baltic sea,’ Franck adds.

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