Ruissalon puistotie 640
20100 Turku
+358 2 445 5100
Ruissalo Spa is located on one of Finland’s most beautiful islands, amidst the oak groves of Ruissalo and archipelago idyll. With spectacular outdoor tracks, a marina and a golf course, it is easy to combine your congress with maritime and outdoor activities.

The spa provides modern, stylish meeting facilities and an atmospheric spaThe banquet halls on the 1st and on the 5th floor provide a spectacular view of the sea.

At Ruissalo Spa, you can now get even closer to the pure Finnish nature and archipelago scenery – and even the sky. Try the new Tentsile Tree Tents and experience outdoor life in a whole new and exciting way. This will literally take camping to a new level. Tentsile is suitable for adventurers and families alike. The Tentsile Experience Camp in Ruissalo is right next to the hotel. After a night in the open, you can have a morning swim and head for a delicious breakfast buffet at the spa’s restaurant.

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  • Captain´s Hall, Banquet, Meeting - capacity 90 (classroom), 100 (theatre), 140 (cocktail), services: Accommodation, Sauna         
  • Hall Cabinet, Meeting - capacity 24 (classroom), 24 (theatre), services: Accommodation, Sauna         
  • Captain´s Salon, Meeting - capacity 20 (classroom), 20 (theatre), services: Accommodation, Sauna        
  • Mess, Meeting - capacity 10 (classroom), services: Accommodation, Sauna         
  • Frigate, Meeting - capacity 40 (classroom), 60 (theatre), 60 (cocktail), services: Accommodation, Sauna         
  • Brig, Meeting - capacity 40 (classroom), 60 (theatre), 60 (cocktail), services: Accommodation, Sauna        
  • Schooner, Meeting - capacity 15 (classroom), 20 (theatre), 20 (cocktail), services: Accommodation, Sauna         
  • Restaurant Merisali, Banquet - capacity 240 (dinner), 240 (cocktail), services: Accommodation, Sauna        
  • Frigate+Brig+Schooner, Banquet - capacity 100 (classroom), 180 (theatre), 80 (dinner), 180 (cocktail), Services: Accommodation, Sauna