Ruokorannantie 15
20900 Turku
+358 400 446100
The Ruokoranta Estate offers a reservation-only restaurant alongside sauna, meeting and accommodation facilities. The Estate is located on the serene and natural milieu of the shores of Illoinen Lake on the island of Hirvensalo, just six kilometres from Turku centre. The Estate is available all year round upon reservation!

The Estate’s reservation restaurant prepares and serves delicious meals and coffees. The Estate has a full wine and spirits license, giving you freedom to provide your own drinks for your event and/or let the establishment supply the beverages for you. The Estate’s meeting facility has been designed especially with company board and management meetings in mind. In addition, all business and other confidential discussions are strictly respected, with our staff required to sign a confidentiality agreement. The conference facilities are equipped with, among other things, air-conditioning, a 65-inch digital flat screen monitor as well as a studio-quality sound system (supplied by Genelec). Just 15 minutes drive from Turku city centre the Estate is also a peaceful and magnificent setting for sauna evenings. Sauna guests can access the outdoor Jacuzzi and lakeside swimming pier throughout the year (with ice-swimming in winter).


  • Ruokoranta Estate, Banquet, Meeting - capacity 30-50, Services: Accommodation, Sauna

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