Itäinen Rantakatu 14
20800 Turku
The Turku City Theatre will adopt use of a completely renovated theatre building in autumn 2017.

The facilities of the modern building, which was completed in 1962, have gone through extensive renovation while preserving the original construction style. The building now offers magnificent conditions for meetings, congresses and banquets. All the facilities are accessible by wheelchair, and the building’s acoustics and technology are up-to-date.

The theatre building has three stages: the Large Stage, the Small Stage and Sopukka. The Small Stage and Sopukka can be transformed in a number of ways for various events, from cocktail functions to sit-down dinners and conferences. The theatre’s stylish lobbies also make it the perfect venue for fairs and company presentations.

The renovated theatre building has all services under one roof. A conference can include an evening at the theatre or other social programme, which the theatre will provide according to bookings. A high-quality restaurant will also open its doors in the theatre building and provide all on-site catering. The theatre’s location in the city’s best spot on the river bank and the Teatterisilta bridge next to the theatre mean that all the city centre’s services are a short distance away.


  • Large Stage Floor, Banquet, Meeting - capacity 201-500
  • Large Stage Balcony, Banquet, Meeting - capacity 101-200
  • Small Stage, Banquet, Meeting - capacity 101-200
  • Sopukka, Banquet, Meeting - capacity 51-100
  • Entrance Hall, Banquet - capacity101-200
  • Main Lobby, Banquet - capacity201-500
  • Erkkeri, Banquet, Meeting - capacity 51-100
  • Balcony Lobby, Banquet - capacity51-100
  • Cabinet, Banquet, Meeting - capacity 51-100
  • Lunch Restaurant, Banquet, Meeting - capacity 51-100